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  • 2017 Christmas Gifting Guide

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    Christmas is a magical for lots of reasons, but the feeling of surprising loved ones with amazing gifts whether Grandma's knitted wool sweater, Mom's ginger biscuits in the oven, dry-fruit rich plum cakes shared by friends spreads a warmth of happiness nothing can beat. Maeva celebrates all occasions and strives to bring you aromas that bring you nostalgia. Take a look at our top gift picks (sorted in ascending order of price) from small to the large and the spicy to the sweet. 

    1. Symbols of Christmas- Christmas Metallic Taper Rs 199

    Our golden and silver set of taper candles are a great choice for someone who loves tradition. Our set is perfect for framing windows, illuminating a centerpiece or highlighting the Christmas feast table.

    2. Scents in Your Pocket- Scented Sachets Rs 349

    A perfect addition to your Christmas Gift box, our sleek and small sachets (with lots of scents to choose from) can fragrance rooms, closets, office, vehicles, storage, pet areas and more for as long as 3 months!

    3. Two Birds In One Stone: 12 Days Of Christmas Shot Glass Candles Rs 499

    Our set of 12 shot-glasses are an ode to the merry '12 days of Christmas' carol! Perfect for the utilitarian, once burnt these shot-glasses can be filled with it's namesake 'shots'!

    4. Tell It With Trees: Christmas Tree Candles Rs 645

    Perfect for the mantle above the stockings, these cheeky candles accented with gold is an instant mood-elevator!

    5. Holiday's Best Colours: Christmas Wreath Rs 799

    For those who prefer love Christmas colours, this mini festive-edition wreath serves as a pretty decoration to candles or a stunning addition to their table's centerpiece. 

    6.Say It With Words: 15 oz Jar Rs 1099

    Words are capable of positive reinforcement so surround yourself with the happiest and most joyful of them! Printed on our mega 15 oz jars, these candles smell of all things Christmas while lasting for 76 hours.




    7. Sugar and Spice: Under The Mistletoe Reed Diffuser Rs 1149

    Spices are an essential part of holiday feasting, the smell of which evokes memories. Our classic Christmas diffuser with its spicy blend of ginger, cinnamon and cloves invites yet manages to soothe holiday-frazzled nerves. 


    8. Circle Of Love: Jumbo Wreath Rs 1799

    Symbolizing the unending circle of life yet being simply elegant, our circle of love white wreath is a gift you'd love to gift yourself! 


    With incredible ease of payment, vast options in multiple fragrances and frazzle-free delivery, Maeva is sure to be you gifting partner this Christmas!

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  • 20 Ways To Use Scented Sachets

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    We call it, the decor world's best-kept secret! Some homes just smell perfect all year round, some bags rolling down the baggage remain unaffected with the various smells of the airport, some drawers of the office aren't that dreadful to open; all these have the unassuming scented sachets to credit. 

    The fragrant sachet is have a colourful origin- in existence since the 15th century, they grew out of necessity as garments made from velvet and silk could not be washed and hence were perfumed. This ideas developed into miniature cloth bags which were filled with charms, rose petals, calamus roots and other herbs to repel insects, evil-eyes and odour. They gained great favour among the Royals and were popular among the ladies of the Tang, Han and Song dynasty.

    Sachets are as popular today as they were in the 15th century so if want these fragrance-charged packets for closed spaces, look no further. Maeva has launched a range of 10 sachets with choices of delightful aromas such as juicy apple, vanilla spice, garden blossom,gardenia, spice market and more! ! Formulated and packed with dried natural flowers, our sachets release a strong scent slowly to permeate small spaces.  

    Sleek and small, our sachets can fragrance rooms, closets, office, vehicles, storage, pet areas and more! Here are 20 fun ways to use our sachets:

    1. Keep a sachet in your laundry hamper or basket.

    2. Towels smell better with a sachet stored nearby.

    3. Slide into shoe racks or even in between real odorous shoes

    4. Have sweet dreams when you place a sachet in your bedding storage.

    5. Attach a ribbon or hook to your sachet and hang then in the middle of your clothing cupboard. 

    6. Slip a fresh scented sachet into a drawer or cabinet.


    7. Clip a sachet on top of refrigerator.


    8. Slide a soothing-scented sachet under your pillow for sweet sleep.

    9. Place your sachet behind the toilet.

    10. Place your sachet in your gym/sports bag. 

    11. Place your sachets under car seats and mats.

    12. A laptop bag is also a good place to infuse with sachet smells.

    13. Use your sachet in gift baskets.

    14. Sachets can be a part of your wedding/event favours.

    15. Place your sachets in enveloped or invitations.

    16. Tuck a sachet in a bookshelf or a magazine rack.

    17. Place a sachet in your office or cubicle to freshen up your office space.

    18. Hang sachets from wreath, garland or Christmas trees.

    19. Store a sachet near pet beds or pet crates.

    20. Sachets in  your luggage will keep clothes fresh while traveling!

    We'd love to hear the unique ways you use Maeva's sachets. Drop us a note on any of our social media to start a conversation! 

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  • Here's Why Tuberose Is Our Bestselling Fragrance Of The Month

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    Despite it's name, Tuberose is no relation to the mighty rose. Tuberose is a night-blooming white flower distinguished by its swollen, tuberous roots. An ingredient for off-beat perfumes, tuberose is also used as wedding or funeral flowers in many cultures.

    When Maeva chose Tuberose for its wedding collection, we heard some skeptical voices as weddings flowers are usually roses, tulips lillis or peonys! Also what's a tuberose ? (It is rajnigandha in Hindi.) We stuck to our guns and went ahead as we simply loved the complex lush, cool almost exotic note that when put into emotions is sweet, heady and seductive. And you our beloved customers have proved us right by buying so much of it to make tuberose the fragrance of the month.

    Intrigue and Mystery


    Thomas Moore writes in his oriental poem 'Lalla Rookh'

    The Tube-rose with her silvery light,

    That is in the gardens of Malay

    Is called The Mistress of the Night

    So like a bride, scented and bright

    She comes out when the sun's away.

    The tuberose has been a symbol of love and lust since ages past despite not having the visual appeal of orchids or roses. Described as heady, even narcotic, the famed perfumer Roja Dove called tuberose the 'harlot of perfumery.'  It is also said that the Victorians forbade young girls to inhale the odour of tuberose for fear they might have get lured to give into passions!

    It's all in their chemistry

    The flower contains high qualities of 'lactones' buttery-smelling molecules which is also produced by our scalp. They also contain 'indole' which is the smell associated with human bodies and human intimacy. All these components explain why the smell of the tuberose flower seem familiar to us; flowers are the reproductive product of plants, so of course we would be attracted by human similarities to the  composition of these  flowers.

    Florals are ubiquitous

    Everyone loves a good floral scent whether it is in perfumes, air fresheners, soap, candles and more. We're sure that people will continue to love florals for as long as they exist but it is also true that people like to be surprised. Tuberose is the answer to those looking to veer beyond the floral scents as it isn't sweet and cloying but is clear and sharp that gives it more of an edge. So for those who dislike florals-tuberose is the way to go.

    First Impressions

    As astounding as this fragrance is, human beings are visual creatures first and this is where we spend days picking out, experimenting, discarding and developing!  Befitting the scent of the tuberose, Maeva has breath-taking cloches, silvery crackled mercury glasses, intricately designed bell jars, eye-catching silver lacquer pillars and delicate glass jars to present you the perfect wedding candle. A delight to look at and to smell, our vintage cloches, big tins and jar candles are wedding gifts begging to be given while our silver pillars and tea light holders are just beautiful to add to the decor of magical weddings.

    As we said before, our Mr and Mrs wedding candles are flying off our virtual shelves! Head over to to get this sultry beauty to you today.

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  • Maeva's Top Picks For A Scorpio

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    With a birthday from October 23rd to November 21st, Scorpios are a fascinating bunch.

    Traits Of A Scorpio

    Strong-willed, independent and intense, Scorpios have a magnetic charm to them that separates them from the rest. They are an ambitious lot who are often motivated by power, fame and money. This characteristic often gives them a shrewd and cold exterior but underneath all the show, there lies a loyal friend.

    Scorpios are Water signs which makes them in tune with other's emotions, passionate, emotional and mysterious. On the negative side, they can be jealous, obsessive, suspicious and manipulative- nothing that cannot be worked on!

    Scorpio loves things that are dark and mysterious. They enjoy a good puzzle that needs to be solved. They are seductive by nature, so they enjoy anything sexy. They like dark, rich colors like maroon, garnet and black.

    The Scorpion selection

    Since Scorpios to be remembered and treasured, they will appreciate any kind of gifts from loved ones. However their personality draws them to dark colors, objects of mystery, adventurous experiences or luxurious things. Bright and flowery gifts are not for the typical Scorpio!

    Maeva's Picks For The Scorpio

    1. Birthday Square Glass Scented Candle

    Personalized for the Scorpio, this candle with the scent of invigorating buttery vanilla is perfect for their birthday and is as close to the vanilla pound cake as it gets!

    2. Black Scented Glass Votive Candle

    The scorpion in your life probably sets high goals for himself/herself and is entitled to a great gift when he/she achieves them. That is why this candle with it's dark sheen and luxurious champagne scent is one of the best options for a scorpio.

    3. Bunny Burner with wax melts and tealights

    A fun gift to remind the Scorpio in your life to take life easy sometimes! Scented with soothing lavender and zesty lemon, the fragrance seeps through the leaf cut-out votive and brings a soul-cheering flicker.

    If you'd rather not take a chance, play it safe with Maeva's gift cards. With such an extensive variety to choose from, this gift will definitely be one to remember.


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  • Why Are Roses The Most Romantic Flowers & How They Became Our Bestseller

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    “Heart of my heart, the world is young;
    Love lies hidden in every rose!”

                   – Alfred Noyes

    When it comes to romantic occasions like an anniversary of Valentine's day, the first gift that comes to mind is a a bouquet of red roses! Roses are mentioned in poetry, literature, art and everywhere in between! This flower is popularly immortalized in William Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet says, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Roses have become a part of popular culture as a symbol of passion, desire, love and is ritualized like no other flower in our history!

    So, how has the rose become so synonymous with all things love?

    Symbolic Meaning

    While a rose's petals are delicate, the flower grows out a thorny stem. This can be compared to the emotion of love! As love can be seen as a tender emotion, it can also bring bitter pain. Thus what better representation of the duality of passion and pain in love than the beautiful rose.

    The Myth of Aphrodite

    Looking far back in history to Greek mythology, the origin of the rose flower is derived from Adonis, the God of plants and rebirth. When Adonis was out hunting, one day Ares, the God of war, who was jealous of Adonis, sent a wild boar to harm him.

    However Ares shared this deception to knowledge with Aphrodite, who rushed to save him but scratched herself on a bush, spreading splatters of blood on their soft white flowers, turning the flowers red.

    Unfortunately, she was too late and could not prevent Adonis' death who died from a fatal wound to his thigh. As Aphrodite sank to the ground and shed tears over Ares' body, her tears fell into the pool of blood which gave rise to the rose flower.

    This myth can explain why the rose symbolizes eternal love o that will never fade - even after death.

    Cupid & Psyche

    Psyche was a stunning princess who roused the jealousy of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty who sent her son, Cupid to mete her with fitting punishment. In a twist of fate, he ended up falling for her and hid his identity for her protection. Curiosity overtook and she eventually unraveled his identity but to truly be his, she was given a set of arduous tasks by Venus. Empathetic to her deep love, various forces of the Earth helped her in her journey and she was finally united with her lover affirming the immense power of true love. 

    Jupiter is so delighted by this marriage that he asks his daughters to make everything “glow with roses,” by scattering the petals all across the land. 

    Zephrus and Flora

    Another story talks of the love Zephyrus had for Flora, the Goddess of flowers. As the Goddess showed no interest in anything but flowers, he transformed into a rose flower and when Flora saw the delicately beautiful rose, she kissed it thus sealing their relationship. The myth seems to say that when love is given a union between souls, it produces a beauty and joy like no other.

    Another story speaks of the origination of the name rose itself. When Flora was struck by Cupid’s arrow and wanted to call for Eros, she was unable to properly say the word Eros but made it sound like “ros” due to her pain. The utterance of “rose” caused Eros to be synonymous to the flower.


    Inspired by such folklore, we at Maeva knew that we needed to dedicate an entire collection to the beautiful rose scent and love. And you seem to agree with all the love you've been showering to our 'Cupid & Psyche' collection with it's signature misty rose scent. So much so that the collection was last month's bestseller! 


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