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  • Mother - A walking Miracle

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    If we know what love is, it’s because of our mothers. Mothers have unconditional love for their kids. A love that is selfless, altruistic, benevolent and bountiful. Being a mother is a full-time job: an unsalaried position, with non-negotiable working hours! They give up a lot for their position- the big things and the little things. Mother’s day is great opportunity to remind the women in our lives-“You are the most beautiful thing I keep inside my heart”

    But, how do we show appreciation to a mother? Maybe one day of undivided attention as she did when we garbled on about childish school stories? The truth is there isn’t anything that matches her compassion, poise, grace and patience but we hope we can make your day brighter and sweeter just like she always did. This Mother’s day, buy the nurturer in your life our exquisite, ‘Mother’s day’ candle and fill her home with the comforting fragrances of Green Apple and Pear.

    Here are few simple ways we suggest to pamper and spoil your mother on her special day!
    • Let’s start with something fun! Participate in the Mother’s day Giveaway Challenge currently taking place on our Instagram page- The Maeva Store and stand a chance to win a luxurious gift box, curated especially for your mother! The gift box houses goodies with exuberant fragrances that will last as long as your memories.

              So hurry up, head to our Instagram page and participate to win!

    • Cheers to good food and good mood- nothing brings people together like good food! So take charge of the kitchen and prepare a nice dinner in gratitude for all the great food your mother makes, all year round. Glam up the dining table with mouth-watering delicacies and affectionate glimmer with Maeva’s handcrafted and exquisite ‘Mother’s Day” candles. The heart of the fragrance is sweet and tangy apple, beautifully combined with light and refreshing pear to provide an uplifting effect. 
    • In order to make sure the kids are getting all they need, a mother gets ignorant about her needs (well, most of the time). She forgets to sit back and unwind. So what you need to do is make sure that your mother takes a break from superwoman duties and put her feet up! All she needs to do is look after her today and maybe you can give her that push by booking a lavish Spa session. A day of pampering will totally bring back that glow she deserves! To give it a personal touch, bring the service home. For an exclusive experience decorate the spa space with our “Mother’s Day” candles and fill the room with the comforting fragrance of green apple and pear. Now let your mother relax and loosen up!

    • Last but not the least! You wanna thank your mother for giving you wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay strong and positive always?    We have got you covered! We have the perfect candles that will help you express your feelings in the most splendid way! Head to our website and curate a memorable gift box with the perfect “Thank You” candles, set apart by its beautiful message and heady aroma that is bound create a blissful aurora.

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  • Celebrating our She-roes!

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    Team Maeva wishes all the talented, ambitious, lionhearted women a very Happy International Women’s Day. Maeva strongly believe that “The future is female”. Every woman (irrespective of their social class, caste, creed, and race) has the right to dream of being independent, aspire to fulfill them and write their own story. We at Maeva help such women take a step towards fulfilling that dream because we believe that every women has the right to become herself, and do whatever she needs to do.

    Today, we celebrate womanhood; rejoice their significance in life and acknowledgement in all fields. It is one of the most glorious events in the history of the world and paves the way for more women empowerment and rights to equality. The name Maeva means ‘An intoxicating woman’ and it is important for us to recognize and celebrate our she-roes! We’re proud to support the empowerment of women as they comprise of 80% of our workforce and we take obstinate efforts to engage in women’s advancement by encouraging and establishing several mentoring initiatives. We support our women with educational scholarships, marriage assistance schemes, training programs and health benefits; we have collaborated with the SSS Foundation which helps all our employees with free cancer tests once a year. If any of our employees have cancer, subsequent treatment is borne by us.

    We proudly celebrate 3000+ women today. The Ramesh Flowers Pvt. India Ltd. based in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu employs 3000 women in all nature of work, while The Maeva Store (brainchild of Ramesh Flowers Pvt. India Ltd) based in Bangalore has a workforce that is comprised of 90% women. We are so proud of all these powerful women in our team. Also, to all the women out there- Believe in your dreams because when we aspire, we inspire!


    Below is an example of the admirable work done by our women. These botanical candles are 100% handcrafted and hand-poured with love and affection. Embellished with natural dried botanicals, drawn-out into pillar, these candles depict dedication, experience, long haul and commitment.

     Shop our range of Botanical candles at

    Shop these beautiful Botanical Gel Candles and surround your home with luxurious glow!

    Shop our range of Botanical Candle Holders and fill your home with inviting scents!

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    14th of February, a day marked in the calendar especially to celebrate love and emotion. When people are in love, they make all kinds of small/big gestures on a daily basis to show their love. But,Valentine’s Day is all about going out of the way, to tell your loved one that “The good things in life are better with you!”

    As we get closer to the valentine day, the real tension starts to build up which is putting together a perfect gift that’s screams “You’re My Boo!” right? We are here to gear you up for the 14th by putting forward a classic and wistful gift guide.



    First up is the most dreamy gift combination.Pair up this super chic Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses with Maeva’s 15 oz. ‘LOVE’ jar scented candle. The misty rose fragrance weaves the sweet and woody notes of the flower to create the dreamiest of floral scents. Delicately hand-poured in an enticing polka dot love jar which burns to create a fanciful ambiance.

    15 oz. ‘LOVE’ jar scented candle:  Rs. 1,099


    Next is a shimmer Coach small pouch (because bling is totally a girl thing) with Maeva’s Pink 15 Oz Jar Scented Candle. This blush-pink candle has an out of the ordinary aroma, bound to bring a flirtatious smile on the face you adore uttermost.

    Pink 15 Oz Jar Scented Candle: Rs. 999


    Another assorted gift option for all the enthusiastic lovers! The misty rose candle has a rich aroma that smells like love. The fragrance is fresh and crisp. The well-balanced scented candle is perfect for those who love. Curate an ambrosial gift set with Maeva’s 3 Wick Scented Candle and a fruity Salvatore Ferragamo perfume because the fragrance is what they remember.

    3 Wick Scented Candle: Rs. 1,099

     Don’t hesitate  picking out a Valentine’s Day gift this year. A truly thoughtful present is a great way to show your special one just how special they are.

    Note: All our candles are hand-crafted and proudly made in India. To view the entire valentine special range,visit



























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  • Aromatherapy oils: Allow your soul to indulge!

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    Aromatherapy – What you need to know?
    Aromatherapy essential oils have been used for nearly 6000 years now, with the aim of improving a person’s health or mood when used aromatically. Sometimes the fast pace of life may clog your mental clarity and slow down the process of working towards your goals, and that’s where our Aromatherapy essential oil works its magic. Kick start your day with an extra stroke of energy, with few drops of these magic potions!
    Top 5 Essential oils that should be in everyone’s possession!
    1. Let’s begin with the oldest and most useful essential oil, the Frankincense essential oil. The frankincense aroma is earthy, unusually warm, deep, flavor-full and incense-like which helps maintaining spiritual connectedness. Some of the other many uses and benefits of this oil include as a mood enhancer and stress reliever. Perfect opportunities to gather your thoughts in one place, move towards inner consciousness after you have diffused this empowering oil.
    2. Next up is the Lavender essential oil. Lavender is beautiful blend of fresh, floral and clam whose fragrance will appeal to everyone irrespective of gender or age. Known for its richness and versatility, Lavender essential oil is used for stress relief and helps to promote sleep. The oil can be diffused up to 1 hour, 3 times daily to fight through emotional overload, tension and panic.
    3. One of ours personal favourite is Eucalyptus essential oil. The overpowering minty, slightly woody and purifying scent of Eucalyptus is sure to enhance your concentration. The cooling characteristic of this essential oil will provide you the mental and emotional clarity you need. An excellent way to disperse sadness and gather positivity.
    4. Who doesn’t like lemons? Next top pick is the Lemon essential oil. Lemon is well-known for its versatility, thus lemon essential oil is must-have! Lemon oil has a fresh and purifying citrus scent which instantly reinforces positivity. Lemon essential oil can clear and refresh a weary mind promptly when added to the diffuser. Its ability to increase mental clarity makes it useful oil for both at home and work place.
    5. Last but not the least, Tea tree essential oil. In simple words, Tea Tree oil is AWESOME! An essential oil that should be in everyone’s possession is the tea tree oil. Known for its multi-function anti-bacterial properties, tea tree oil scent is astringent, acrid and medicinal. Looking to boost your immune? Go ahead and diffuse a tea tree essential oil.
     How to use Maeva’s essential oils?  
     Inhale your favourite oil, exhale your inner turmoil!
     You can instantly change the spirit of the room in just few minutes with few drops  of Maeva’s essential oil in one of our candle-powered burners!
    After a long day of work, you deserve a little ME-Time. All you need is to place a tea-light candle in hollowed part of our ceramic burners allowing the essential oil diluted with water to warm up before it spreads its magic. An effortless way to spread pleasant aroma in your living space.
     Our ceramic burners are delicately craved and hollowed to allow lights to go through and revitalize your body and mind. Also it is a beautiful addition to any room. Aromatherapy diffusers disperse your favorite essential oil in your surroundings to clear the air around you and promote a relaxed state of body, mind and soul. Standard dosage varies from 5 to 8 drops mixed to water.
    For example: Our lavender essential oil is bottled with the qualities of calmness, tranquility, stillness and composure. A few drops of lavender oil in our diffusers promote peaceful sleep after a long day of work, making sure you wake up the morning with positivity and better concentration.
    Note: You should always dilute the essential oils with water before using. Keep Essential oils out of reach of children and pets.

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  • 5 Incredible Reasons To Use Citronella

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    The latest addition to The Maeva Store- Citronella candles have raised some eyebrows. It almost sounds gimmicky, candles which can ward off mosquitoes?

    The truth is that citronella has a rich historical usage with it being used thousands of years ago in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and China to lower inflammation, fight infection, relieve pain and more. Maeva candles use citronella essential oil, a more potent form than the plant which is extracted by steam distilling the leaves and stems of two varieties of the Asian grass plant citronella, Cymbopogon nardus and Cymbopogon Winterianus. Citronella is also a distant relative of Lemongrass, hence the slight citrusy scent.

    Today citronella is used in the form of essential oils for aromatherapy or topical use, in sprays, a component of candles, lotions and even cosmetic products.

    Citronella essential oil is one of the most common aromatherapy oils and is part of what gives many household sprays and candles their signature scent. Here are some accepted uses of this miracle plant:

    Inhibits Bacterial Growth

    Before the advent of modern medicine, the plant was used to curb bacterial growth, treat infectious wounds as it has components of methyl isoeugenol which are responsible for this property. 

    Fights Depression

    A common aromatherapy ingredient, the fresh citrusy scent is said to fight depression and help alleviate feelings of anxiety, sadness, and negativity. It is also used in diffusers at night in many countries as it encourages sleep.

    Great For The Skin

    Because citronella essential oil has antibacterial properties, it is extremely effective against acne-causing bacteria when applied topically. It is very good at reducing sebum buildup and drying down oily skin when used in a combination with witch hazel, tea tree and other oils in small quantities.

    Removes Bad Odours

    It's not difficult to see why this essential oil is a staple of many deodorants, body sprays and air fresheners! The crisp, rich lemon-like aroma of this oil is universally liked and it's power to replace bad odours makes it a favourite among fragrance lovers everywhere. An added advantage is that citronella is completely natural and free from  harmful chemicals found in mainstream deodorants, such as parabens, aluminum, and propylene glycol.

    Insect Repellant

    One of the most famed used of the citronella plant is its ability to keep away insects and mosquitoes. They masks scents that mosquitoes are attracted to such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid thus warding off mosquitoes when diffused or lit in citronella-infused candles.

    We at Maeva knew we had to incorporate citronella into our collection thus we infused reusable clay pots with potent citronella essential oil plus a quirky dust-cover on top! Our motive was to create something with incredible utility but also an attractive visual appeal, so head over to our collection and do give us feedback on our attempt.

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