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  • Wedding favors that your guests will fall in love with!

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    Wedding is the celebration of love, followed by all a lot of dancing, singing, eating, running around and then eating again. And after all the hustle-bustle, at the end of the night when the guests fall back into their bed exhausted, they get reminded of the wedding favor and YES they go back to check that box! The wedding favor becomes the last remaining takeaway from your extra-special weekend.

    Let’s talk about the significance of a wedding favor? Favors are gifts- a small token of appreciation given out at the end of the wedding reception. Just an opportunity for the couple to thank their friends and family for committing their time to celebrate your special day.

    Obviously, you would want the guests to takeaway something that reminds them of the crazy good time they had at your wedding. Something personal, customized and definitely a gift that they will appreciate. Trust us, if you're reading this you have arrived at the right place.

    Let’s get started instantly. Now if you want the gift to be both classy and unique in its own way- we suggest to go ahead with Scented Candles! We have the perfect  occasion-based scented candles for you poured into jars that are beautiful and can be re-purposed very well.

    Wedding Cloche

    The wedding cloche jar candle is a beauty in itself. The white tube rose fragrance is mysteriously exotic and will remind your guests of the vintage charm.

    Next up are some meticulously hand-crafted 15 oz glass jar candles available in the fragrance of White tube rose and misty rose. We consciously selected these fragrances for the wedding collection owing to its fresh, crisp and pleasant oriental character. Have a look yourself and we’re sure you will be delighted. 

    Fragrance: Misty Rose 
    Price: INR 1299

    Fragrance: White Tuberose
    Price: INR 1299
    Discover more at The Maeva Store

    Personalization: Personalized candles are a unique way to ensure guests strike up memories of your wedding day. And guess what, all the above candles are available for customization, for example labels with the name of the couple or the wedding date or maybe you want to write a small thank you note, we can come up with card along with the candle. 

    Note: Personalization is available for bulk orders only.

    Now if you're looking for something long-standing, we suggest you to go ahead with our dried-floral arrangement. Made of natural, dried plant material and are preserved to make them retain the fresh look. Mostly importantly each piece is hand-crafted with great care and love.

    Our first suggestion would be the Pink elegance dried floral bouquet. This is the perfect size and makes for a gorgeous wedding favor. Simple as it may look, this pink and green-hued bouquet will accentuate the décor space in the most adorable way, bringing a smile on the face of your guests every-time they see it.

    Available at The Maeva Store

    Next up is this very beautiful, chic, hypnotic floral arrangement. The lovely combination of blush pink roses, gold peonies, and the green foliage paired with this antique gold cycle exudes only elegance and passion. A gift like this will be remembered for time immemorial .

    Discover more at The Maeva Store.

    If you are the lazy and want to avoid going through the tiresome process of deciding what to include and what not, we have the perfect pre-set wedding gift boxes for you. Our delightful Wedding inspired Gift Box promises to be a memorable, cherished wedding favor. Featuring 1 silver cloche, 1 clear glass candle, both in the scent of white tuberose and 1 rose scented votive glass candle, this gift box redefines thoughtful gifting.

    Available at The Maeva Store, INR 2999
    Those are the few options we personally recommend. Check out all the other scented candles, dried florals and gift boxes at The Maeva Store. Hope this blog helps you decide on the wedding favor that tells your fairy tale and a gift that your loved ones will remember a little longer than forever.


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  • Best ways to play around with our candle's glass jars!

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    Hola Amigos! We are back with a very interesting article or rather this is going to be the most exciting one so far. Like we always tell that our candle jars are versatile and re-usable once the wax is all used up. Today we are going to spill out a few amazing ways to use the containers.

     We have all kinds of beautiful containers: the glass jar, the tumbler, frosted glass, flared glass to name a few. A few out of 100 ways to use them are: makeup brush stand, as planters or grow your own plants in them, quickly add in the layers of mouthwatering food items and pat your back for recognizing the chef in you.

    We have chosen few effortless, hassle-free desserts/dishes that will be ready in no time to be devoured! Firstly, Don’t be lazy, make sure you wash the jar once the wax is all used up. Wash it the second time just to sure that the container has no wax particles and is free of fragrance. Now while it dries you choose from below the recipe you want to try and organize the ingredients accordingly. Let the drooling commence.

    Breakfast on the go: Fruit Parfait

    Candle jar used: 10 oz glass jar

    Prep time: 5 mins

    Setting time: 7 mins

    Total time: 12  mins


    Strawberry yogurt

    Sliced bananas


    Sliced Kiwi.


    Method: Let’s start with a thick layer of strawberry yogurt (or it could be any flavor of your choice), add a layer of banana (I added a little extra, coz why not?)  then add few tablespoons of Muesli.  You have completed the first set of layering in like a min. Bravo! Now let’s start with the second set, start by adding yogurt again, next add a layer of fresh cut kiwi (or any other fruit of your choice), and top it off with another layer of muesli to give it a crunchy finish.

    Note: You can add any fruit of your choice, even better add a mix of fruits to give it more flavor.


    Who can ever say no to pani-puris? The highlight of every party! You will just learn the chicest way of presenting pani-puris!

    Easy-peasy Snack: Pani-puri shots

    Candle jar usedEveryday votive shot glass

    Prep time: 10 mins

    Setting time: 5 mins

    Total time: 15  mins


    A packet of readymade Pani-puris

    For the mix:

    3-4 Potatoes

    2 green chilies- thinly sliced


    Cilantro- thinly sliced

    Salt to taste

    Paper boat- Jaljeera


    Method: Start by boiling the potatoes, meanwhile assemble the other ingredients.  Once boiled, peel it and mash the potatoes until you get a smooth texture. Now, add the cut chilies, cilantro, salt and mix well. Add chickpeas in the end.

    Pour the paper boat jaljeera in the shot glasses, add the potato mix to the puris and place it on top of the shot glasses. Add a little more drama by aligning the shot glasses in a setting (maybe a straight line, or form a triangle). Now you are ready to start the shots competition. Enjoy!


    Making desserts are the most fun. The one we made was easy, simple and delicious.

    Dessert heaven: Brownie-ice cream Heaven

    Candle jar used: Nalini Clear Glass

    Prep time: 5 mins

    Setting time: 7 mins

    Total time: 12  mins


    Chocolate brownies

    Oreo biscuits

    Strawberry/ vanilla ice-cream


    Dark chocolate


    Method: Start by grinding the brownies in a mixer. Remember, we need a thick texture. Next, grind the Oreo biscuits (without the cream) until you get a fine texture then keep aside. Now, in the clear glass jar, add a thick layer of brownies and then a thin layer of Oreo to add a little crunch. Now add a layer of ice-cream (flavor of your choice) and decorate it with few colorful gems. Bravo, you have finished the first set of layering. Now REPEAT all the steps to complete the second set of layering. Give it a stylish finish by adding a bar of dark chocolate. Now enjoy.


    Shop scented candles at The Maeva Store




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  • A complete guide to your Diwali Decor!

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    It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year. Yes! We are talking about Diwali. Don’t we already feel the love and sparkle in the air? This is that festival where the country is painted with million vibrant colors, lights, music, laughter and hold on, let’s not forget the smell of over-sized ladoos and ghujias!

     Diwali, called the festival of Lights, is one of the biggest religious celebrations. Celebrations might vary in various parts of the country, but the conventional decoration of Diwali remains the same everywhere. Be it drawing beautiful Rangoli at the house entrance, hanging Torans on the archways or lighting up the whole place with diyas and candles. The long-established Diwali décor remains the same even after decades.

    Considering how much people love going all out with extravagance in decor, we also understand how amidst the daily hustle, it somehow gets difficult to achieve the desired festive look. So here we are telling you how to deck up your house very easily and stylishly! Get Set Go!

    We at Maeva, have launched a festive collection “NALINI” to cover the important elements of Diwali making sure that you don’t have to struggle with the either the Diwali décor or Diwali gifts.

     Let’s start with Rangoli Mats.
    Drawing Rangoli is a timeless tradition. The whole idea of making Rangolis is to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and the guests. Rangolis are vibrant and colorful and that’s exactly how our Rangoli mats are. A beautiful mix of dried and silk flowers, bound to last longer and surely saves you a lot of time and the fear of it getting stamped by guests and disintegrated is also eliminated.
     If you still haven’t checked them out, do it right away at
    Next, let's hop on to the beautiful Torans and door-hangings.
    Our torans and door-hangings beautifully depict the traditional values along with being modern and stylish. The colors and designs are such which can be used to style your home even after Diwali.

    The most exciting product that we launched this Diwali season is the LED-lit dried floral bouquets. The concept is not only unique but also inspired by the festival of lights. We think it’s a great way to replace battery-operated Diyas with these Floral Bouquets.
    Check them out at
    Be ready to get bedazzled by this particular product. A 12-wick candle, meant to create the warmest of welcomes. Place the candle on the stairways or as a center table décor, its glow will not disappoint. This huge candle hand-poured in metal containers is available in three colors and two delightfully amazing fragrances.
    You surely don’t want to miss out on this one, check them out right away.

    Ghee Diya

    We all know that Ghee has great importance in our festivities, be it making mouth-watering delicacies or be it for lighting Diyas, Ghee is the show-stopper. This inspired us to create large size Ghee Diyas, which will burn for longer hours. The interesting twist here is the surprise gift carefully placed within the wax. Yes! Our large size Ghee Diya contains silver coin of up to 20 grams which will pop out once the candle has burned for a good 7-8 hours. Truly a thoughtful Diwali gift, Don’t you think so?

    Last but not least, and also the most exciting part of Diwali… Gifts! Ranging from E-gift card to opulent gift boxes, we have covered it all.
    Our gift boxes are inspired by the rich Indian traditions and contain an assortment of Maeva’s best hand-crafted products. Wrapped in delicate tissue, these gift boxes surely promises a luxury gifting experience.

    From torans, rangoli mats and door to huge multi-wick candles, LED lit florals and vibrantly scented candles, The Maeva Store is a one-stop website to get you Diwali ready and also pick up the most amazing favors for your guests! Shop our collection "Nalini" at

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  • Pantry- Heart in a Jar

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    Let’s get straight to the point! Who doesn’t dream of a fabulous looking pantry? Have you ever looked up how Khole Kardashian’s pantry looks like? If not then do it right away! Like all things Kardashians, it’s just perfect. This inspired us to create an exclusive range of pantry candles to add a hyper-modern feel to an otherwise simple pantry.

    No matter how small your kitchen is, find a space to create a panty, it will surely make handling of stock and your life easier. If you are considering restyling your pantry, read on! Here we are quickly giving out tips for a picture-perfect Pantry:

    • Commit to one color: If you are re-doing your pantry. We suggest you stick to one color. Decide the color value (refers to the darkness or lightness of the color). Dark colors tend to absorb light resulting in the space looking smaller. For an optimum look, go for soft-tones of off-white, blue and green.



    • Transform with wallpaper: If you think repainting is a lot of work then a simple DIY is all you need. Decide on the visual you want your pantry to have and go ahead and book the wallpaper accordingly. This will give your pantry a completely fresh look. 


    •   Easy Access: In a well-organized pantry it’s important that things are visible! We are talking about storage. Group things the way your family and you use them. Store food that is used on a daily basis in a place where it is easy to reach them. Maybe utilize the first two shelves and reserve the top shelves for bulk purchases or seasonal items.

    • The balancing act: Always make sure to use matching containers to give a very uniform look. This helps in providing a clear view. Get rid of the packaging for products like flour, cornflakes, and snacks. Use clear jars to store them or you could use solid colors and label them. This will make working in a pantry very efficient.

    • Draw attention to your pantry: This is our favorite part! A pop of color will add the subtle glam to an all-white kitchen. As mentioned above, we have an entire collection dedicated to the Pantry. Beautifully designed, these scented candles would fill your pantry with a refreshing and exhilarating aroma. The ivory wax when lit will push an instant pop of energy and make your cooking experience better. The pantry edition of candle sets the scene for a great gastronomic experience with invigorating scents that compliments all activities in your pantry. 

      Find our Pantry collection under Home and Garden at The Maeva Store.


    • Succulents can freshen the look of any space. Add a small succulent pot or a gather several of them to create a glamorous jungle. Our succulents are long-lasting, attractive and hassle-free. Find our Succulents under Florals collection at The Maeva Store.   

    • Last but not the least, Fragrance Sachets because why not?  These fragrance sachets instantly bring character to any space. Without a doubt, these sachets are a great choice for pantry storage areas, cabins and more. Find our Fragrance Sachets under Home Fragrance at The Maeva Store.                        

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  • High Tea Party- A gorgeous time to catch up with your girls!

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    How do you arrange a trendy, boisterous and happening kitty party?

    The trend of sophisticated High Tea Parties trails back to the 19th century when the ladies of the house met over tea in the evening to catch up. Ladies who love to spend some time in the evening with their closed ones have adopted this tradition across the world. The passion and elegance have remained the same while different cultures have adapted the concept of High Tea Parties with their own tweaks here and there.

    We’ve put together our top tips for pulling off your very own high-tea party with panache.

    Decide a theme: The key to a fun-filled soiree is to decide a theme- think of a theme, which is unusual, fun yet challenging! Themes like pirates, festival-based, Hollywood glamour are few examples, which will ensure your guests aren’t bored while preparing for it or while being at the party.

    Throw light on the theme with some interesting props: Set the scene with some eye-catching decor that reflects your theme. Example: A garden tea party would be perfect for summer evenings. Firstly you will need some gorgeous tea-ware that will be sure to wow your guest, if you own a cake stand use it as a centerpiece, add some artistic British Teacup candles to light up the table set up and throw in a bunch of fresh flowers.

    Decide the Spread: Make sure freshly brewed tea is set on the table ready to pour as your guests sit down. Tea is the star of the show of such evenings! Try to provide a variety of tea- Earl, chamomile, fruit, and herbal. Also, there aren’t any rules when it comes to food, but a standard high tea comprises of sandwiches, a layer or cake or cookies and teacakes. However, you could also throw in some scones, macaroons or biscuits.


    Make it memorable: Pop in some sugar cookies or the small sized teacup candles in attractive paper bags so your guests have a little present to take away!


    Find the limited edition teacup candles at The Maeva Store.


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